RELEVANT Issue #97
RELEVANT Issue #97
RELEVANT Issue #97
RELEVANT Issue #97

RELEVANT Issue #97

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This issue features the white-hot singer Tori Kelly on why she's risking everything to release a gospel album. In this raw conversation, Tori explains why she returned to the genre where she first stretched her wings, and what she found along the way. 

10- First word

12-  Current: The ethics of self-driving cars, the new mission of TOMS Shoes, a guide to having your best year yet, Michael B. Jordan, Kristen Bell, Dr. Eric Mason, and much more!

28- Winter Gear Guide: As things heat up, we bring you all the gear you need to thrive this season 

32- Tori Kelly

40- Generation Change: Millennials have some to learn from their savvy, conscious successors

46- Young the giant: The indie-rock icons are determined to be themselves-whoever that is 

50- Levi Lusko: Want to have your best year yet? It starts with being the best possible version of yourself, and Levi Lusko's got a plan to help you figure out how. 

54- Too Late to apologize?: What does forgiveness mean in the digital era. Where your past is just one click away?

60- Saving Sunday: Lauren Winner says it's time the church owned up to it's unseemly history. 

64- Derek Minor: The pastor, artist and activist gets candid about authenticity.

66- Conspiracy Theories: Flat earth. Deep state. Why are millennial christians so susceptible to conspiracies? 

72- Arizona: This indie act's key to success is staying true to where they're from (not Arizona). 

76- Relevant Selects: Our curation of the best in music, books and film. Come for names, stay to learn how Anderson .Paak is saving hip-hop. 

84- Last Word: Annie F. Downs on the long process of learning to truly understand your uniqueness.