RELEVANT Issue #96
RELEVANT Issue #96
RELEVANT Issue #96

RELEVANT Issue #96

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This issue features gifted vocalist and ace songwriter Lauren Daigle, but who picked this worship leader to become a pop star?

14- First Word: Cameron Strang on the cost of standing up. 

16- Current: YouTubers you should be watching, our favorite video games of the year, Insecure's Yvonne Orji, the declining divorce rate and much more.

34- The Essential 2018 Gift Guide: Your cheat sheet for thoughtful, creative and non-materialistic gifts this christmas season

42- Mark Wahlberg: Hollywood's earliest, prayingest riser speaks out about his faith

48- 6 Ways to Have the Most Awkward Family Meal Ever: Having a painless, conflict-free christmas dinner has never been tougher. 

50- On Fire: Inside the new charismatic movement. 

54- Lovelytheband: The fast-rising indie act writes songs about things they can't talk about any other way.

58- Praying With Your Eyes Open: Make praying without ceasing a part of your life with this one weird (biblical) trick.

62: Lauren Daigle: gifted vocalist and ace songwriter, but who picked this worship leader to become a pop star? 

68- Fed Up: We live in an era with unprecedented food production. Why are millions still hungry?

72- The Art Of The Side Hustle: Welcome to the gig economy. Here are your instructions.

76- It's Time: Is the American church ready for it's own #metoo movement? 

80- St. Paul  & The Broken Bones: These bones were made for rockin' and that's just what they'll do.

84- A Practical Guide to Advent: Ready to incorporate a little liturgy into the christmas celebration?

88- Relevant Selects: The latest books, music and movies you should know about. Trust us, these are ones you don't want to miss. 

96- Last Word: Founder of Charity water: Scott Harrison on what it takes to make a difference.