RELEVANT Issue #95

RELEVANT Issue #95

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Our September/October 2018 Issue includes a cover story on one of the most exciting duos in pop music,...

Our September/October 2018 Issue includes a cover story on one of the most exciting duos in pop music, Johnnyswim. They make it all look easy but the truth is, it's been anything but! 

12 First Word

14 Current: Date-themed sermon ideas, Steph Curry's christian movies, fall tv guide, Chris Pratt's speech on MTV, Christine Caine, the country's best coffee roasters and much more.

34 Back-To-Campus Gear Guide: Everything you need to go back to class, with class. 

38 Foster the People: The Festival staples have returned with their trademark big, gooey pop hits, laced with thoughtfulness, honesty and redemption. Not a moment too soon. 

44 A Guide to Getting Out of Debt Without Hating Your Life: We spoke with experts on tackling one of our generation's biggest obstacles. 

48 Don't Worry About Bo Burnham: Who picked this stand-up comedian to make one of this year's best movies? 

52 Johnnyswim: They make being one of the most exciting duos in pop music look easy. The truth, it's been anything but. 

58 Why You Need a Spiritual Mentor: It's more than just a good idea. It's a spiritual necessity. 

62 Scare Tactics: A new wave of horror movies takes the phrase "faith-based film" to a new level

66 Vote Your Faith: How should christians act in a divided election season? Some Experts Weigh in. 

72 First Aid Kit: The Swedish folk duo are back from their sabbatical with a new passion.

74 Francis Chan: Why is Francis Chan so determined to stay out of the spotlight? 

76 W.Kamau Bell: He's a comedian and a writer. But Bell just really wants to change the world

80 Hillsong Young & Free: Ready or not, the next generation of Hillsong worship is taking center stage

82 The Suicide Epidemic: The american crisis of suicide is only getting worse. Can we turn the tide?

84 Last Word: Max Lucado explains why we should all feel free to take claim of God's plan for us

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