RELEVANT Issue #94
RELEVANT Issue #94
RELEVANT Issue #94
RELEVANT Issue #94
RELEVANT Issue #94

RELEVANT Issue #94

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Our July/August issue features a cover story on Leon Bridges the soulful singer who's sound carries a timeless quality that belies his youth, but if you've come to his music looking for the truth of who Bridges is, that answer might be more elusive than you expect. 

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As things heat up, we bring together all the gear you need to thrive this season. 

Lessons From Gen Z

Millennials have some things to learn from their savvy, conscious successors. 

Lisa Gungor

The worship singer has seen a lot of curveballs in her life, but still she persists. 

The Sabbath Commandment

Americans idolize work more than almost any country. Have we forgotten to rest? 

Rachel Held Evans

How the writer and leader rediscovered the most important book in her life.  


The guitar band set out to defy description, but then a label set them free. 

Ethan Hawke

In First Reformed, The actor has delivered one of the year's best performances. The role's brought his mind to some age-old questions and newfound mission. 

Brian Houston

The Hillsong founder is ready to give you your next mission.


The massive Crisis hiding in plain sight within the east african country.


In this issue, we tell you how to build the most ethical cheeseburger in the world, plus, the latest with Woody Harrelson, NFL protests, student activism, Cory Asbury and the women leaders you need in your life. 

Relevant Selects

Our curation of the best in music, books and film. Come for the names, Stay to learn why Andy Mineo hates his new album. 

Last Word

Matt Chandler on why there has never been a better time to follow Jesus.