RELEVANT Issue #92
RELEVANT Issue #92
RELEVANT Issue #92
RELEVANT Issue #92
RELEVANT Issue #92
RELEVANT Issue #92

RELEVANT Issue #92

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Our March/April 2018 Issue features the Grammy and Oscar-winning singer John Legend and the titular role he will play in Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC. He's Ready. 

Also Featured In The Issue: 

Our 15th Anniversary 

We're old enough to be a high-schooler, and celebrating with our favorite people.

The U.S. And Child Soldiers 

American Taxes fund countries that exploit children, but you can do something about it. 

Social Club Misfits

The rap due is back, and they brought their whiteboard with them.        

N.T. Wright on Paul

All his wisdom could hardly be contained within these three pages. 

Stages Of A Relationship

From spark to date to unknown, millennials chart a strange, unique relationship course. 

5 Steps To a New Church

Church shopping is tough, but our writer went in like a carryout pizza: hot and ready. 

Ava DuVernay

The directors Work on Selma and 13th was essential and searing, and A Wrinkle In Time will be one of the year's biggest movies. And yet, DuVernay insists she's not just another blip in a trend, but rather a part of a "historical continuum."

Matt Kearney 

"Music will swing back to authentic lyrics, it always does." 

Time To Meet The Devil 

A rise in exorcisms gives a more literal context to "spiritual warfare."  


The rising perfectionism crisis in our generation, the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination, apps that help you change the world, Arcade Fire, spring cleaning with a purpose and much more. 

Relevant Selects 

Our favorite artists, and the books, music, and movies you should be adding to your collection this month. 

Last Word

How to find silence un a world full of pings, buzzes and chimes.