RELEVANT Issue #89
RELEVANT Issue #89
RELEVANT Issue #89
RELEVANT Issue #89
RELEVANT Issue #89
RELEVANT Issue #89
RELEVANT Issue #89

RELEVANT Issue #89

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Our September/October 2017 Issue features Father John Misty, the intriguing artist candidly talks about his music, faith and why so many christians have him all wrong. 

Also featured in the issue:

Erin Loechner

Author and HGTV personality Erin Loechner describes what "slowing down" Looks like.

Lany Has Arrived

With their long-awaited debut, the indie-pop outfit puts it all on the line. 

The 2017 TV Preview

This fall's new shows say a lot about the state of peak TV- and our cultural values. 

Terry Crews Gets Real

The TV funnyman opens up about the double life that almost cost him everything.

The Definitive Guide To Christian Mingling

Presenting the church's most authoritative collection of dating tips. Thank us later.

Inside The Sanctuary Movement

A look at the churches defying the law to protect undocumented immigrants. 

The Waiting Game

Does it seem like God is withholding your dreams? It may just be a matter of timing. 

Andy Mineo

The rapper opens up about emotional health and how he found his voice again. 

A History Of Violence

What does it mean for the message of Jesus when the God of the O.T. is so angry? 


Is the world getting better?; Derek Carr gave his money away; Meet the new "Doctor Who"; Millennial phone addiction; Church giving vs. government cuts; Sunday Morning; The Game; Bono on worship and more. 

Relevant Selects

The latest books, music, and movies you should know about. Trust us, these are the ones you don't want to miss. 

Last Word

Jen Hatmaker on why God's plan is better than the judgmental faith she grew up with.

And more!