RELEVANT Issue #87
RELEVANT Issue #87
RELEVANT Issue #87
RELEVANT Issue #87
RELEVANT Issue #87
RELEVANT Issue #87

RELEVANT Issue #87

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Our May/June 2017 issue features a cover story on our favorite new artist, Maggie RogersPharrell—and talent in spades—made her a viral sensation. With her label debut, can Maggie Rogers live up to the hype? 

Also featured in the issue:

Pete Holmes is Crashing
The comedian is back on TV, this time facing the story of his own divorce.

Local Natives Grows Up
With their new album, Sunlit Youth, the SoCal outfit tackles the loss of youth.

Could Loss Break You?
How Levi Lusko faced the tragic death of his 5-year-old daughter.

Damon Lindelof’s End Is Near
The co-creator of Lost is heading into the final season of his latest show, The Leftovers.

Rob Bell Takes on the Bible
The always-provocative thinker gives his thoughts on the sacred text.

Electric Guest Is Back
How the indie duo lost their mojo—then got it back full force.

Our Summer Reading Guide
With so many books out there, how do you know what to read? We’ll tell you.

10 Trips to Change Your Life
Make sure your summer vacay isn’t only about Instagram shots and sleeping in.

The Prayer Necessities
You want God to use you. Here’s how prayer can make that a reality.

How society is wrong about millennials, sex before ... dating?, Haley Baldwin’s conflicted Instagram, Stephen Colbert’s late-night theology, Demi Lovato’s sobriety, how to break your cellphone addiction and more.

The new entertainment releases worth your time, featuring spotlights on Marian Hill, COIN, Sampha, GAWVI, Kim Walker-Smith, Taelor Gray and SOHN.

David Crowder on division, unity and the diversity of our world.

And more!