RELEVANT Issue #86
RELEVANT Issue #86
RELEVANT Issue #86
RELEVANT Issue #86

RELEVANT Issue #86

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We redesigned RELEVANT! Larger format, thicker paper, fewer ads and a totally new look.


Martin Scorsese
At the center of the Hollywood legend’s career is a tension that weaves through his most powerful films—and culminates in his latest.

Kirk Franklin Revives Hip-Hop 
The gospel legend is at the center of pop culture’s most unexpected trend.

Empire State of Change

Christianity is exploding in New York City. Go inside the movement.

2017 New Music Guide
Our annual look at the artists, trends and albums sure to define the year.

Who Cares
Worthy justice issues are everywhere. Here’s how to avoid cause fatigue 

N.T. Wright on Easter
Are Christians getting the Easter story wrong?

Craig Groeschel on Four Life-Changing Decisions
What you decide today can change everything about your tomorrow. 

The duo’s Three comes from a place neither member expected—or ever wanted.

What’s love got to do with it? 
We unpack millennial marriage rates, singleness and Paul Rust’s hit Netflix series.

Test Your EQ 
If you don’t know what emotional intelligence is, you need to read this.

Plus, totally revamped and expanded Current and RELEVANT Selects sections.