RELEVANT Issue #85

RELEVANT Issue #85

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Cover Story: Ira Glass: Behind the complex faith of 'This American Life'

6- First Word

8- Feedback

10- Slices

28- Relevant U

38- Reject Apathy: Climate debates are back; Anne Voskamp and refugees of ISIS; Sho Baraka's cultural engagement; and Shane Claiborn on guns

46- The Drop: Daughter, Jarryd James, Sweater Beats, Lucy Dacus, Lauren Daigle

52- How Will Millennials Change The Church?; This generation has already disrupted every industry in it's path. Is the church next?

56- Johnnyswim: The singer-songwriter duo has it all together. We ask them about their secret.

60- What is Ira Glass Saying About Faith?

66- Your Best 2017 Now

70- Gungor's Head Spinning Two Years: Everything has come full circle, but two years ago, the Gunners were broken.

74- God's Economy?: Capitalism versus socialism. Is there a biblical perspective?

82- Only Skin Deep: In a world of constant comparison and body shaming, What God says about your body matters most

86- The Art of Creating Margin: You know you should rest and decompress more. Here's how you actually can

90- Relevant Recommends