RELEVANT Issue #83

RELEVANT Issue #83

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Cover Story: Talking Jack Huston On History

4- First Word

6- Feedback

8- Slices

26- Reject Apathy: Immunization for disease prevention, prescription drug abuse, humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

45- The Drop: Yumi Zouma, Social Club Misfits, SKYES, Day Wave, Audrey Assad

50- Is This The New Jesus Movement?: A decade ago, in-crowd Christianity tended to be cynical. But a new generation is reclaiming the heart of faith

58- What Would Jesus Do(In An Election Year)

62- The Mysticism Of Prayer: The teachings of Richard Rohr are famous. So what exactly is he saying?

66- Jack Huston is Judah Ben-Hur

72- 7 Ways To De-Stress Your Life

76- St. Lucia's Make-Or-Break Moment; The super cool indie artists are trying to take their sophomore LP to a new level

78- We Need To Talk About Race: Lecrae and Propaganda weigh in on one of the most pressing issues in culture

86- Our Guide TO The New Primetime

90- Relevant Recommends