RELEVANT Issue #73

RELEVANT Issue #73

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Cover Story: Empire State Of Mind, Michael L. Williams from the 'The Wire' to 'Boardwalk Empire,' The story of this generations most iconic actor

4- First Word

6- Feedback

8- Slices

28- The Drop: The Drums, Lucius, Planetshakers, Benjamin Booker, Neulore and more.

34- Maker: Banning Liebscher on Jesus Culture's new mission, Scott Harrison on the importance of data, and the rise of the 4 day workweek. 

42- Reject Apathy: Changing the human trafficking narrative

50- Michael K. Williams

58- Alt-J: one of the weirdest bands in indie rock, but also one of the best.

62- Fellowship Of The Ring: A new movement thinks Christianity is getting too girly, and they're not taking it sitting down.

66- Charli XCX: She's poised to be pop's next big thing, and she's done it all her way.

70- 11 Church Phrases that freaked me out as a kid

72- Trip Lee: Lecrae's protege on learning how to balance his dual roles as an emcee and a pastor

76- Generation Debt

80- Do Christians Believe in the Bible?

84- Jeff Bridges: The dude is abiding in a whole new way

88- Eugene Cho- The Pastor and author on what justice in action really looks like

90- Relevant Recommends