RELEVANT Issue #72

RELEVANT Issue #72

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Cover Story: The Amazing Reese Witherspoon. Reese Witherspoon's new movie didn't just transform her career. It changed how she sees the world

10- First Word

12- Feedback

16- Slices

30- The Drop: NONONO, Swoope, Sleeping at Last, The Last Internationale and more

36- Maker: Stephen Kenn, an analysis of Myers-Briggs, how to stay committed when the dream gets difficult and more

52- Have WE Gotten Jesus Wrong?: Every generation tends to make Jesus in their own image. Here's where millennia's got Jesus wrong-and right. 

56- The 1975: Talking fame, passion, and The Rolling Stones with the U.K.'s fastest-rising rock stars

60- Reese Witherspoon

66- Yes, Art Can Make A Difference: Shepherd Fairey talks the impact of street art

70- Save The Date: Three experts discuss misconceptions about dating within the church

74- Damien Jurado: The Singer-Songwriter on his career, fait, and how the music industry is changing

78- The Spiritual Importance of going to counseling

82- Homer's Odyssey: Comedian Rob Fee on the legacy of The Simpsons, 25 years in.

86- Wrestling With Faith And Doubt: Singer Michael Gungor reacts to the controversy about his views of Genesis

90- Relevant Recommends