RELEVANT Issue #71

RELEVANT Issue #71

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Cover Story: Savoring TV's New Golden Age with Nick Offerman

16- First Word

18- Feedback

20- Slices

36- The Drop: First Aid Kit, Colony House, St.Paul and the Broken Bones, Crowder and more

42- Maker: The rise of the artisan entrepreneur, Harry's tips for creating your own path and more

58- Ok Go: on their videos and motivation

62- Nick Offerman

68- Welcome to TV's golden age

74- 4 Lies the church laugh us about Sex

78- Lecrae: How the hip-hop star is bridging two worlds

82- The God Particle (featuring Radiolab) 

88- London Grammar: How the band is pushing boundaries by returning to the basics

90- How to settle down without giving up: Francis and Lisa Chan on crafting an eternity-centered marraige

94- Relevant Recommends