RELEVANT Issue #67

RELEVANT Issue #67

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Cover Story: Malcom Gladwell - Best-selling author cam back to hi faith while researching his newest book, David and Goliath. Here, He writes about what drew him back.

10- First Word

12- Feedback

14- Slices

34- The Drop: Interviews with the Head and the Heart, Shad, Matt Redman and plenty more

40- Grade Expectations: The American education system is failing students. How do we fix it?

44- Meet the most wanted man in China

48- What it takes to free a sex slave

52- Jennifer Lawrence: Game Changer

58- Living n the material World

62- Louie Giglio's Passion

66- Marriage Material: What should we really be looking for in a spouse?

70- Malcolm Gladwell

76- Gungor: The outspoken worship artist on redefining faith

80- Forest Whitaker- The Oscar winner talks about his new penchant for social justice

84- Grouplove on unlikely beginnings and new motivations

86- 2014: The year in preview

90- Relevant Recommends