RELEVANT Issue #66

RELEVANT Issue #66

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Cover Story: It's Good To Be Mindy- How Mindy Kaling is breaking the mold and winning Hollywood.

08- First Word

10- Feedback

12- Slices

34- The Drop- interviews with the naked and famous, Chris Tomlin, The digital age, and more

40- The upside of a Down Economy: As the recession takes away jobs, Millennials are creating their own

44- Mindy Kaling

50- Playing God? scientist have been able to print everything from pizza to human tissue. Should we be excited or nervous?

54- Derek Webb

56- Chasing The Dream: This year's best film 12 Years a Slave, Shines light on our ugly history with racism and how far we still have to go

64- Ellie Goulding

68- Can We Know God?

72- Are We Really A Narcissistic Generation?

78- Washed out: The artist behind the indie band talks touring, happy music, and his new album

80- Virgin Territory: What purity culture got wrong and how a new movement is changing the conversation

84- Life after death

90- Relevant Recommends