RELEVANT Issue #63

RELEVANT Issue #63

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In the wake of their new release of Bankrupt!, Phoenix is headlining Coachella, starring in SNL and sitting down to talk with us about fame, family—and yes, how religion has influenced their journey. Also in this issue: a roundtable interview with the cast of The Office, Fiction Family, Judah Smith, the state of music in 2013, a call for the separation of Church and hate and more.

10- First Word

12- Feedback

14- Slices

32- The Drop: Martin Smith, LEAGUES, Beautiful Eulogy, 2013: The Justin Timberlake Experience 

38- Reject Apathy: Attack of the drones, inside North Korea's Prison Camps, Dan Haseltine on Activism through art. 

46- Separation of Church and hate

50- This is your brain on religion: Could your mind be hard-wired for belief?

56- Pushing City Limits: Gentrification is a dirty word- but a rising generation of christians is changing that

60- Phoenix

68- One couple. Two Callings. Now What?

72- The state of Music in 2013

78- Out of the 'Office'

82- Fiction Family

86- 10 Epic Things to do this Summer

90- Relevant Recommends