RELEVANT Issue #60

RELEVANT Issue #60

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Rainn Wilson gets real with us about what he's like after office hours—including some of his new ventures from SoulPancake to Haiti that will show you a whole new side to the man behind Dwight Schrute. Also in this issue: Bob Goff reveals his 10 secrets to an extraordinary life, and 5 visionaries tell us what they wish they had known when they got started.

14- First Word

16- Feedback

18- Slices

32- The Drop: Purity Ring, Divine fits, Anais Mitchell, Dustin Kensrue of Modern Post

40- Next: Rewired by the Webb

46- Reject Apathy: Homelessness at christmas, Land of a thousand hills, Gun violence in America, Worship and justice

54- Unslaved: In the war against human trafficking, rescuing victims is only the beginning.

58- Joseph Gordon- Levitt

60- 10 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life: Bob Goff has an incredible life and he thinks you can too.

72- The Heavy: You'll want to get to know these Brits who infuse gothic and southern gospel into their sound and leave even David Letterman wanting more

76- The Spiritual Importance of Space: You need margin more than you think

80- 7 Reasons why we still love Christmas

82- A Good Church is Hard to Find: We've all been there-trying to find the elusive "best fit" 

86- The Kid Effect: Here's how to anticipate the little thing that changes everything for everyone 

90- Recommends