RELEVANT Issue #59

RELEVANT Issue #59

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As election season heats up, young adults are checking out—and wondering why even bother anymore about politics when promises of change constantly let us down. In this issue, we're taking a good hard look at the presidential campaign—as well as what our generation really thinks about it—and whether or not any of this matters at all. Also in this issue: N.T. Wright, Andy Samberg, the artisan movement and more.

12- First Word

16- Feedback

18- Slices

34- The Drop: Sugar & The Hi-Lows, Yellow Ostrich, Mr. Little Jeans, Glen Hansard, Metric

40- Next: The New internet, Shaun King and the HopeMob, The Artisan Trend

48- Reject Apathy: The U.S Drought, Sarah Drufy, Top Killers of Kids, The Morality of the National Budget

56- The Story of Our Stuff: Do You Know Where Your Gadgets Are From?

60- Andy Samberg: Waxing poetic on finding contentment, learning from his elders and finding his place in life. (ok not really.)

62- Lecrae: Catching up with him about his new album, new son and leading a new era of hip-hop. 

66- What's the point of politics?

74- N.T. Wright Corrcts Misconceptions: You may not know as much about Jesus as you think

78- The xx: The xx have proven they can make a great album. Now they're out to make a real one

80- Living Intentionally: How to make life meaningful in the midst of the mundane

84- Persecuted but Prospering: Amidst the worst persecution in a century, why is the church in Southeast Asia flourishing?

90- Recommends