RELEVANT Issue #58

RELEVANT Issue #58

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COVER STORY: The Avett Bros. have ushered in a new era of bluegrass music. In this issue the Avett Brothers tell their fascinating journey of faith, making music and achieving breakout success. Also in the issue: Of Monsters and Men, Mark Ruffalo and our 2012 Summer Reading Guide.

6- First Word

8- Feedback

10- Slices

34- The Drop: Tennis, Sucre, Ana Tijoux, Charles Bradley, Welcome Wagon

40- Next: 10 Tips to go viral, Jamie Tworkowski on winning 1 million, Tegu, Lopez Lomong

48- Reject Apathy: Defining Immigrant Abuse Victims 

56- Your food is changing you: The real reason to eat organic

58- Santigold: You may not think "pop music" when you think of Santigold, but this electronic icon is here to prove the genre isn't beyond saving

62- What Am I Supposed To Do?: A bad economy doesn't have to be bad news for your dreams

66- The Avett Brothers: God, Grammys and greif- What's brought the indie-folk legends closer than ever

80- Mark Ruffalo: There's more to the actor than just big, green muscles

82- Fostering Hope: What the U.S. Church is doing for 400,000 kids in foster care

88- Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?: Avoiding temptation to make Jesus in your own image

92- Recommends