RELEVANT Issue #57

RELEVANT Issue #57

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COVER STORY: Get an unfiltered look at Blue Like Jazz author Donald Miller and his controversial new film. Penny Carothers (yes, THAT Penny) talks to Miller about turning the memoir into a movie. Also in this issue: our 2012 summer movie guide, Phantogram, 10 ways to find your calling and more.

6- First word

8- Letters

10- Slices

28- The Drop: David Crowder, Electric Guest, Mynbirds, Neulore, The Fray

34- Next: The resurrection of Kony 2012, Local food trucks, The intersection of work and faith

40- Reject Apathy: Is there hope for North Korea?, How 31 Bits empowers women, Justice 2.0

48- Going green for the right reasons

52- Phantogram: Why your summer needs 100 percent more of this band

54- All That Jazz: Penny Carthers talks to Donald Miller about turning memoir into movie

60- Borken Politics: How our parties have gone wrong - and how they can get on track

70- The "War" On Religion

74- Recommends