RELEVANT Issue #54

RELEVANT Issue #54

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COVER STORY: With the recent release of their third album, Odd Soul, MUTEMATH has made the strongest musical and lyrical statement of their career. Amidst a guitar-heavy blues sound, Odd Soul delves into questions about faith, belief and Christian extremism. It's clear there's a story behind the album and MUTEMATH tells that story, for the first time ever, in the new issue of RELEVANT.

6- First Word

8- Letters

10- Slices

22- Pulse: Worship Becomes a Concept

24- Worldview: Why Christmas Matters

26- The Drop: Active child, Leagues, Sarah Jaffe

34- Reject Apathy: Gift Card Giver

36- In their Words: Linnea Gabriella Spransy

38- The Evolution of Jonah Hill

40- When Revolutionaries Grow up: Can you be both radical and responsible?

44- Manchester Orchestra: Frontman Andy Hull is nothing if not honest

48- Where is God in Tragedy?: Looking for meaning and hope in a broken world

52- Mute Math

60- Civil Disobedience: When-if ever-should christians break the law?

64- Ok Go

66- Unwrapping the Holidays

70- The 2011 Relevant Gift Guide

72- John Cusack Will Be Wrong: and 10 other predictions for 2012

78- Recommends