RELEVANT Issue #53

RELEVANT Issue #53

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COVER STORY: This generation is unlike any other: we’re passionate but cynical, visionary but struggling, connected yet more distant than ever. Twenty- and thirtysomethings have put their stamp on the world, and the world is watching. But how are we affecting our cultures, our churches and our families? And what are the effects of new technologies, ideas and trends on our generation? For this story we teamed up with the Barna Group to look at the data—and to figure out the truth about our generation of contrast.

18- First Word

20- Letters

22- Slices

38- Spotlight: Krotchet Kids

40- In Their Words: DeVon Franklin

42- Deeper Walk: Why Settle for Less?

44- The Pulse: In the defense of slow

46- Reject Apathy: Beyond Fourth Grade

50- The Drop: Us & Our Daughters, Head and the Heart, Bill Callahan 

56- Is Fair Trade Fair?

60- Jimmy Fallon

64- (Almost) Everyone's Doing it: Why are most single christians having sex?

70- Owl City

72- The Non-Essential Guide to Fall: Fashion, Fun and football (of the fantasy variety)

76- Death Cab For Cutie: The band is finally happy-butnot too happy

80- The Generation of Contrast: An in0depth look at what makes our generation tick

92- 9/11 10 years later

98- Vera Farminga

100- Don't Quite Your Day Job...Yet: Practical ways to chase your dreams in the real world

104- Zee Avi

106- Reconciling the God of Love with the God of Genocide

114- Recommends