RELEVANT Issue #52

RELEVANT Issue #52

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COVER STORY: What do you get when you combine former CCM artist Joy Williams and Southern rocker John Paul White? The faceted harmonies, heartbreaking lyrics and sometimes otherworldly sounds of the Civil Wars. In this story, the duo talks about how they got together, their 10-year journey to becoming an overnight success and how they may sing gospel songs, but they also sing about cigarettes.

06- First Word

08- Letters

10- Slices

24- Reject Apathy: Clean The World

26- In Their Words: Jeremy Cowart

28- Deeper Walk: All or nothing

30- Worldview: The enemy of "truth" 

32- The Drop: Tedashii, Sons & Daughters, Dolorean

38- Slow, Local, Sustainable: Why the ethical food movement is changing how we eat

42- Sleigh Bells

44- A Christian Response to the Arab Spring: How should believers think about the recent conflicts between Arab nations?

54- 2011 Summer Reading Guid:Spend some time with this season's can't miss books

60- Nobody talks about sin anymore: Is this generation so obsessed with grace that we've left holiness behind

64- 10 keys for navigating life: Making big decisions doesn't have tone overwhelming

68- Explosions in the sky

72- Is Falling in Love a Myth?: Why we need to redefine what love is 

76- Recommends