RELEVANT Issue #51

RELEVANT Issue #51

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COVER STORY: The Kills are one of the coolest bands in indie rock. But we wanted to find out what was behind the hipster cred. The band shared their inspirations, dysfunctions and why they're one of the most compelling music groups out there.
PLUS: Rob Bell, Lupe Fiasco, the 2011 Summer Movie Guide, The World Race, Eisley and What’s the Point of Worship?

10- First Word

12- Letters

16- Slices

30- The Drop: Kye Kye, James Vincent McMorrow, Bowerbirds

36- Reject Apathy: Link (Liberty in North Korea) 

38- In Their Words: Tyler Merrick// Project 7

40- Deeper Walk: What does "Kingdom" Mean, anyway?

42- Worldview: The Requirement of Riches

44- Around the world in 334 Days

48- Eisley: The band's fat and family-- and how they've survived personal and professional tragedy 

50- What to know at 25-ish: Avoid quarter-life crisis

54- The Kills: The coolest band in indie rock comes clean about fights, lyrics and why they're almost twins

60- Is Rob Bell a Heretic

64- What's the point of worship?

68- Lupe Fiasco

72- 2011 Summer Movie Guide

75- Yes, We need movie critics

78- Recommends