RELEVANT Issue #50

RELEVANT Issue #50

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COVER STORY: 50 Ideas That Changed Everything: 50 big ideas that changed everything since our first issue--from the rise of irony to "compassionism" to a culture of free. PLUS: 2011 Music Guide, The Decemberists, Jesus Culture, David Sedaris, and the Coen Brothers

16- First Word

18- Letters

24- Slices

40- Reject Apathy: Clothe Your Neighbor As Yourself

42- Worldview: Coming (Back) to America

44- Deeper Walk: Stuck in Saturday

46- The Drop: Playdough, Liz Janes, The City Harmonic

52- An Open Letter to this Generation

56- The Decemberists 

60- The Hunt For Easter: Looking for meaning amidst the kitsch

64- Jesus Culture

68- Distorting Love: How media is corrupting our view of romance, relationships, and sexuality

72- 2011 New music Guide: The return of the legends, The rise of the giants and lots of yacht rock

78- David Sedaris

82- The Vanishing church Body: A Growing number of young christians are leaving the church, but keeping the faith

88- 50 Ideas That changed everything (At least in the last eight years)

90- Culture

94- Faith

98- politics

102- Life

106- Social Justice 

114- Recommends