RELEVANT Issue #49

RELEVANT Issue #49

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COVER STORY: Cold War Kids: Lead singer Nathan Willet opens up about his faith, mistakes and the band's new drive.
PLUS: James Franco, Hillsong United, Saving Blue Like Jazz: The Movie, Ra Ra Riot, Fearless 2011 Predictions, and why Faith Needs Doubt

12- First Word

14- Letters

18- Slices

32- The Pulse: Can Offensive Art Be Christian?

34- worldview: Resurrecting Liturgy

36- The Drop: Green River Ordinance, Lecrae, Bradley Hathaway

42- Re- Imagining Heaven 

46- Ra Ra Riot 

50- A Tea Party Gospel 

54- Cold War Kids: Coming Clean About Faith, Mistakes and entering a new season

60- 11 Predictions for '11: Relevant Boldly Predicts The Trends And Train Wrecks Of 2011

64- One Day In The Slum 

68- A Narrow Escape 

72- A Realistic Guide To Love

78- Hillsong United

84- Why Faith Needs Doubt

92- Recommends