RELEVANT Issue #47

RELEVANT Issue #47

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COVER STORY: 5 Shows Saving TV - A look at five acclaimed shows that are redeeming primetime this TV season. PLUS: Arcade Fire, John C. Reilly, Stars, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Is Facebook Killing Your Soul?


10- First Word

12- Letters

14- Slices

30- The Drop: Civil Wars, Joanna Newsom, Flobots

36- Deeper Walk: Vanishing God

38- Worldview: Why This Election Matters

40- The Gospel According to Hipsters

44- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

48- Who's Fault is it?: Why just pointing fingers at BP isn't enough

52- Stars

56- 5 shows redeeming TV

62- Buried By Busy

66- How to make friends and influence people: the 2010 edition

70- The Evolution of John C. Reilly

72- What's actually on your mind? 

78- Gungor

80- Taking Stock

84- These Numbers Have faces: Justin Zoradi Has a new plan for sustainable development in south Africa 

90- Recommends