RELEVANT Issue #45

RELEVANT Issue #45

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COVER STORY: The “Wild” Faith of Bear Grylls: For Bear Grylls, star of Man Vs. Wild, Christianity is about finding home. An odd statement from someone who is always leaving home. We talk to the adventurer about his simple (yet profound) belief; the tensions of faith, family and fame; and why in the world he does (and eats) the things he does. PLUS: The National, Jennifer Knapp, The Avett Brothers, and The Redemption of Craig Ferguson.


10- First Word

12- Letters

14- Slices

28- Worldview: The 3 rules of christian Satire

30- Deeper Walk: O me of little faith 

32- The Drop: Deas Vail, Sam Amidon & Dignan

38- At the root of it: Why knowing what you believe matters

42- Stuff christians like: Sometimes faith is funny

46- The Avett Brothers: The folk trio on facial hair, family and faith

50- Into the wild: The faith journey of Bear Grylls

58- Relevant's Epic Summer road trip guide: if you're bored this summer, it's not our fault

64- Cover Story: The reception of Craig Ferguson  

66- Plan B or C or D or M... : Can you trust God When Trusting Isn't easy?

70- The Return of Jennifer Knapp

72- A Career is hard work: 7 tips to help you climb the latter gracefully

74- Fatherless Day: How an epidemic of fatherlessness is one of our future's biggest challenges

78- Broken social Scene: A look inside Canada's supergroup of the moment

80- Reject Apathy: This special section features articles on five key global issues and ways we can help

90- Recommends