RELEVANT Issue #44

RELEVANT Issue #44

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COVER STORY: The Mythology of Jack White: “I think it’s boring to be myself.” So says Jack White, the guitar icon, rock innovator, producer and almost-priest. But who is the real Jack White? We talk to the enigmatic rock star about identity, what it takes to make good music and how faith fits into his life. PLUS: She & Him, Denzel Washington, and The Faith Story Behind Guinness.

8- First Word

10- Letters

12- Slices

24- The Pulse: An ode to the record store

26- Reject Apathy: We Can't Forget

28- The Drop: The Noisettes  & The Gaslight Anthem

32- You are here: Saving the world in your own backyard

36- She & Him: M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel on what it takes to be in harmony

40- On the ground in Haiti - A Q&A with Steve Haas, the vice president of World Vision U.S

44- Denzel Washington: How his beliefs drive his film career

46- Jack White: He's played a lot of roles, but who is the real Jack White?

52- Knowing God's Will: What if we're getting it wrong?

56- 2010 new music guide

60- The Sound Of Sigur Ros' Jonsi Birgisson

64- Everyday Justice: 10 lifestyle choices that can help others 

70- God and Guinness: How the faith of Arthur Guinness inspired the vision for his beer

76- A Bitter Pill: Birth control is a matter of life and death- so why aren't we talking about it more?

80- Remembering Communion: What "drink my blood, eat my flesh," really means

88- Recommends