RELEVANT Issue #43

RELEVANT Issue #43

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COVER STORY: The Real and Surreal Life of Zac Levi: “I think people find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, you’ll find it. I’m looking for ping-pong and video games.” Zac Levi, the star of NBC’s hit series, Chuck, gets real about God, community … and saving the world in primetime.
PLUS: Hilary Swank, Vampire Weekend, Owl City, and On the Road With Don Miller.

8- First Word

10- Letters

12- Slices

22- The Pulse: Film's Deeper Side

24- Reject Apathy: A World Divided

26- Reject Apathy: Frontliner: Justin Dillon

28- The Drop: Thao with the get down stay down, The Mountain Goats & As Tall As Lions

34- Resolve This: 10 ways to get it together in 2010

38- 2009 in Review: 5 of the strangest pop culture moments of the year that was

40- Cover Story: The real life of Zac Levi

46- Bringing 2020 into Focus: Experts in six areas predict how your world is going to change

60- Owl City: The unlikely chart-topperis still wide-eyed and wondering

62- Donald Miller: The best selling author on humility inspiration and living your story

70- Vampire Weekend- Exploring the New York band's many curious paradoxes

74- Fact or Fiction?: What do we do when scripture contradicts itself?

78- Recommends