RELEVANT Issue #42

RELEVANT Issue #42

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COVER STORY: Why Switchfoot Stopped Trying to Change the World: Lead singer and songwriter Jon Foreman talks about the band’s evolution, how social justice became a big deal to them, and why cynicism is never the answer.

8- first Word

10- Letters

14- Slices

22- Worldview: Can't we all just get along?

24- Deeper Walk: When God is silent

26- Reject Apathy: Africa is not that sexy

28- Reject Apathy: Frontier & Spotlight

32- The Drop: fun.,Shad, Los Campesinos

38- Matisyahu

42- So, is drinking ok?

46- 2010: ten ways the new year will melt your face, and the ice caps

50- Is God an illusion?

54- Cover Story: Switchfoot

60- Church Mutiny: Are Young Adult Ministries Killing the church?

64- The new face of homelessness

72- Bat for Lashes

74- Merry Consumerism 

80- Stealing Christmas

88- Recommends