RELEVANT Issue #41

RELEVANT Issue #41

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COVER STORY: The Complicated Mind Behind Wilco: Frontman Jeff Tweedy doesn't leave anything off the table. Death. God. Religion. He's got something to say on just about everything.

06- First Word

08- Letters

10- Slices

22- Reject Apathy: Frontlines

24- Reject Apathy: Spotlight

26- Deeper Walk: Jason Boyett

28- Worldview: Andrew Marin

30- The Drop: Zee Avi, Niamaj, The Low Anthem, Brooke Waggoner

36- For the love: One very secular student dares to go undercover at one of america's most conservative colleges

40- Wine To Water: Doc Hendley is putting a twist on Jesus' first miracle

44- Cover Story: Wilco: Frontman Left Tweedy doesn't leave anything off the table

48- Faded Faith

52- The Tide Is Turning: Evidence our fight against disease is actually working 

54- Technology and your soul: Your laptop, your iPod, your cell phone.. all within arm's reach. But what's all that convenience really doing to you and to your faith?

58- Regina Spektor: The Russian songstress is rediscovering myth

60- Paper Route

64- Anthony Hamilton: This soul singer is about more than just heartbreak

66- Gluttony: One of the seven deadly sins is not simply about eating too much

74- The not going back to school guide: What to do when fall is no longer the start of the school year

78- Relevant Recommends