RELEVANT Issue #40

RELEVANT Issue #40

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COVER STORY: Zooey Deschanel: Singer, songwriter, actress ... ukelele player. This girl does it all. Zooey Deschanel, star of this summer's 500 Days of Summer, talks about making music, working with M. Ward and finding inspiration everywhere.

06- First Word

08- Letters

10- Slices

22- Reject Apathy: On the Frontlines

24- Reject Apathy: In the revolution

26- Pulse: Chis Haw

28- Worldview: Seth "Tower" Hurd

30- Spotlights- Cage the Elephant, Joshua James, Cut Copy

36- Insert Soul Here: Why true faith requires you to ask the tough questions

40- David Bazan: He still believes in God, but not the way he used to

42- Cover Story: Zooey Deschanel: Singer, songwriter, actress...ukelele player. This girl does it all. 

48- Summer Movie Guide

52- Craig Hartin: The artist behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force

54- In The Blood: Going inside L.A.'s gang culture with ex-blood member Shaka

58- My Brightest Diamond: Remixing with lead singer Shara Worden. 

64- K'NAAN: This Canadian- Somali musician is about more than just rhymes. 

66- Art and Soul: Disghner Mike Cina introduces the artists who inspire him

74- Voluntary Simplicity: Living Simplicity: Living Simply isn't just something we should do because of the economy

78- Relevant Recommends: Our favorite music and DVD's