RELEVANT Issue #36

RELEVANT Issue #36

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Cover Story: Trade in the Lies: What are you buying people for Christmas this year? It’s more than a simple question, because there’s more to those gifts than just a pretty package. Ultimately, being a conscientious consumer isn’t only about fair trade. It’s about refusing to fund—or be part of—any practice that is contrary to the global good.

08- First Word

10- Letters 

12- Slices

22- Revolution

24- Deeper Walk

26- Worldview 

28- Counter Culture

30- Spotlights 


42- Financial Wisdom 

46- 2009 Preview

52- Moral Orel

58- Formulas Vs. Real Faith

60- Scott Harrison 

62- A Journey Through Abuse

68- Mates Of Slate

70- Cover Story: Trade In The Lies

78- Conscientious Christmas Gifts

86- Relevant Recommends