RELEVANT Issue #35

RELEVANT Issue #35

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Cover Story: How to Vote Without Losing Your Soul: RELEVANT explores how Christians can engage in a political landscape that is becoming increasingly polarized.

6- First Word

8- Letters

10- Slices

20- Revolution: Nadus Films

22- Deeper Walk: Incarnation and the downward path

24- Pulse

26- Counter Culture (Times Three!)

32- The Scene: Shanghai

34- Spotlights

40- Conor Oberst

48- An Inconvenient Boom

54- Stephen Christian In India 

58- Cover Story: Politics How To Vote Without Losing Your Soul

66- Between Barack And An Old Face: our 2008 Voting Guide 

72- Missional Communities 

76- Infiltrating The Christian Subculture

82- Street Artist Makeone

90- Relevant Recommends: Our Favorites DVD's, Music, Books