RELEVANT Issue #29

RELEVANT Issue #29

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COVER STORY: My Biblical Year For A.J. Jacobs’ book, The Year of Living Biblically, he spent 12 months following many of the Old Testament rules. He discusses the life-enhancing rules, the hardest-to-follow rules, the most successful rules and the most baffling one. Jacobs also visited four biblical communities and writes about the lessons each group taught him and how for even someone who describes themselves as non-religious, the Bible can your life.

14- First Word

16- Letters

18- Slices

32- Counter Culture

34- Revolution: A Diary Of Change

36- Deeper Walk: God. In. Time. 

38- The Scene: Geneva 

40- Statements

46- Spotlights

52- Will.I.Am

54- Q&A: Liard Hamilton

56- When God Ruins Everything

60- Cover Story: The Biblical year 

66- Fresh Worship

72- Athlete

76- Reckless Abandon

80- Q & A: The Format

82- Darfur

86- Music Reviews: David Crowder Band + 27 Albums you should know

94- Book Reviews