RELEVANT Issue #28

RELEVANT Issue #28

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Cover Story: Inside the Deep Convictions of Ben Harper. His music explores genres from folk to rock ’ n’ roll and even gospel. But in a conversation with Ben Harper, we learn that the man behind the eclectic tunes still has a lot to say about faith, spirituality and what role we all have in making a difference.

16- First Word

18- Letters

20- Slices

32- Counter Culture

34- Deeper Walk: A Prophet And A Roaring God

36- Revolution: Neighborhood Ministries 

38- The Scene: Chicago 

40- Statements

46- Spotlights

52- Q & A: Mike Foster

54- Cover Story: Ben Harper

60- Is It Right To Lie?

64- Lupe Fiasco

66- The Call: 2007

72- Fall TV Preview 

74- Copeland 

78- Katrina: Two Years Later

82- The Shelf Life Of God

86- Music Reviews: Interpol + 27 Albums You Should Know 

94- Book Reviews