RELEVANT Issue #16

RELEVANT Issue #16

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Cover Story: Visionaries Impacting Culture: From the author to an athlete to an artist, these 12 makeup Relevant's annual list of people who are making an influence on our culture through faith. Their unique vision has made an impact in the world of entertainment, politics and the church.

14- Contributors

16- Letters

18- First Word

20- Slices

36- Revolution: Sex Trade

38- Deeper Walk: Titus 

42- Hillsong United

44- Artist Reformation

46- The Bravery

50- Longevity 

64- Balancing Act

66- Pop Culture Ruminating

68- Hipster Hospitality

70- Interpreting Truth

72- Fall TV Guide

76- Sufjan Stevens

78- The End Of Manhood

80- The Changing Church

84- Christian Hosoi: a skateboarders story of grace

88- Burning Bridges

90- Spotlights: Kate Earl, House of Heroes, The Afters, Amy Correia, The secret Machines

100- Music Reviews: Switchfoot, The White Stripes, Billy Corgan, Foo Fighters, La Symphony

104- Sixteen Albums you should know

108- Book Reviews

112- Last Word