RELEVANT Issue #101
RELEVANT Issue #101
RELEVANT Issue #101
RELEVANT Issue #101

RELEVANT Issue #101

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Featured in this issue of RELEVANT Magazine is Malcolm Gladwell, the writer and podcaster who has made a career out of finding the deeper meaning in obscure ideas, rapper Andy Mineo opens up about the double-edged sword of emotional honesty, and Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan on the life and death faith of comedy's funniest couple! 

16- First word 

18- Current: We find the best cities for your fall outdoor adventures, look at Lauren Daigle's breakout year, find out how a church paid off a community's medical debt and hear how celibacy changed Chance the Rapper. 

30- The Drop: We introduce you to our favorite emerging artists including indie rocker Titus Andronicus, Dreamers and the incredible LEON. 

36- Deeper: David Platt and Rebekah Lyons break dow the eternal truth that can shape your daily life. 

40- Joseph: The sisters behind the band Joseph almost called it quits. But sometimes, in life and in music, being vulnerable and honest has a way of changing everything 

44- Televangelism 101: HBO's hit prosperity gospel comedy The Righteous Gemstones has nothing on reality.

48- The Gaffigans: Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan open up about the difficult year that changed their lives. 

54- A Higher Purpose: What should christians think about marijuana not that it's being legalized? 

60- Malcom Gladwell: He's discovered a method for engaging the world that dates back to Jesus Himself. Can it actually solve society's biggest problems? 

66- HONNE: The indie duo has mastered the sad love song. Now, they take on marriage. 

70- Yemen: It's the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth. Here's how you can help end it.

76- Andy Mineo: The rapper reflects on the loss of his mom, what it's like being an artist in the digital era and the double-edged sword of emotional honesty. 

80- Spiritual Disciplines: Want to break out of your spiritual funk? Here are four things to do. 

84- Logan Browning: The Dear White People star explains how faith informs her activism. 

88- Career Advice: Seven leaders tell us what they wish they know when they were starting out. 

90- RELEVANT Selects: Our Curated List of the best new albums, book and movies that you should know about including Jordan Peel's Us, Noel Well's IT's so nice!, Bon Iver's i, i and more. 

96- Last Word: Pastor Levi Lusk explains the power of preparing for the kingdom that is to come.